Sunday, 10 April 2016

Chile, the most amazing surfing

So I have just got back from a 2 week trip to Chile for surfing and windsurfing, but due to El Nino affecting the pressure systems in Chile, we didn't have much wind at all, in fact only the last two days. Instead though, we had the best surfing I have ever had and by focusing on it for two weeks meant not only did my shoulders finally relent to the thousands of paddle strokes, but I actually improved a lot and loved it! The last time I went to Chile, I was far too excited to get in for a surf straight away and managed to go over the falls and knee myself in the face, giving me an almighty black eye (see post HERE). This actually knocked all my confidence for late barrelling take-offs for quite a while, so I was glad to be back to my usual confidence level for this trip. After checking all the spots we found our favorite, and although the paddle out looks easy, due to the swell angle and humbolt current moving all the water up the beach, it took up to half an hour to paddle out sometimes. The waves were glassy and started at head high at the beginning of the trip, up to head and a half to double by near the end. It was amazing paddling back up to the point with 'noodle' arms watching barrelling perfect wave by wave go past with a Chilean or one of us in each! Here are some pictures:

Firstly, thank you to C-Skins for providing me with great quality, warm and comfortable suits. This is the C-Skins Angel 5-4mm.

Practising late take-offs, made this one!

Picnic for lunch everyday on the beach, sandy sandwiches-mmmmm! And look at those LEFTS!!

The Rose Tarantula, found a few times on the dirt tracks to the beach.

Dirt tracks, everything ends up dusty!

In the evenings we either chilled at our house overlooking the break, and relaxed in the hot tub...

Or had a sundowner at the local restaurants...

We has a couple of day trips too, finding a hydroelectric dam and vinyards underneath the Andes, such spectacular landscapes!

It was such an amazing trip yet again, and I am stoked to continue improving my surfing as well as my windsurfing!

Friday, 22 January 2016

Stormy Winter so far...

November and December 2015 has been the best Winter I can remember in the last few years, with constant storm fronts coming through and South /West winds keeping temperatures pretty mild. I sailed or surfed every weekend, had night freestyle sessions after work and taken some leave for good forecasts, effectively buying daylight hours! Just before Christmas we had a great swell on the North Coast, with mast high float and ride, (unfortunately no photos!) then a Chrsitmas Eve session at Marazion, with side shore starboard tack. Here are some photos from sessions recently, Kimmeridge Bay with Cross-on starboard tack, 30-50 knots (a little too windy and gusty for me to try and learn much!) and Daymer Bay, also pretty windy on a 3.7! Lastly Marazion, some great starboard tack jumping! Photos courtesy of my Dad, brother in law and friend Rachel-thanks!
Looking like a nice swell this weekend at Gwithian, and daylight hours are getting better again for after work sessions!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Wet and Windy Autumn Fun at Downderry

This weekend we made the most of the grim, wet Autumn by being in the sea all weekend. I love enjoying the weather most people hate and are tucked up inside from! We went to Downderry for a cross on/onshore starboard tack session, very gusty on a 4.2 and it was pretty tricky to pick non choppy waves, I had a lot of fun though. Here are a few pics, think I need to improve those donkey kicks! (Poor quality due to poor visibility and failing light!)
This morning we went back for the same again, but the wind wasn't as forecast so we ended up having a barely planing session. After some food we tried again and had a good freestyle session at Torpoint. More wind to come this week!