Sunday, 30 May 2010

Highcliffe 29/05/10

Finally some waves! Only small ones though, up to head high/just over, but can't complain as all we have had is freestyle recently when there has been a bit of wind! So 5 of us went out at Highcliffe on pushing tide hoping for some larger waves. It was quite fun, cross/cross on conditions so improved my cross on riding and got some jumping in. Tried two forwards not so successfully -hopefully there will be a better day to try again! The rip was pretty annoying, we must have all walked 1 to 2 miles with kit on our head trying to get back up the beach, and being the longest wave session in a long time I am really stiff today! A great workout!

Still in exams at the moment, have had 2 and have 2 more to come. I finish Wednesday morning so me and Stef are driving straight to Cornwall to catch some surf, forecast is looking good at the moment! Fingers crossed! Now back to work...

Friday, 14 May 2010

Winter 09/10 Video

Here's a video I made from November and January Hayling and Kbay. We didn't have a great winter this year so I was hoping for more footage but unfortunately this is all we got as everyone wanted to sail whenever there was a chance of wind!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Freestyle at Calshot after the Nationals, 3rd May

Here are a few photos taken from our session on Monday after the Nationals. Thanks Maeli! They are: Vulcan, sailing, really bad Flaka attempt! and gybe.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

More photos! First from Louise Adams: me team racing.
Second picture: party on the boat dressed as sailors! (from Ian at Expix)
First picture: team racing Sunday morning.
Second picture: Me after one lap of the course race, not looking too happy!
Third and Fourth: More course racing.
All pictures courtesy of Ian Edmonson at Expix, thanks!

Student Female National Champion 2010!

We has the BUCS championship the past weekend at Calshot. It involved a lot of racing on Saturday on Imco's and a 7.5 mainly, then team racing Sunday. We arrived Friday for a freestyle session as it was pretty windy. Pretty good but we had to sail around the whole spit chasing deeper water as the tide was going out. After a few drinks with registration on Friday night, we woke up early Saturday for the full day racing. Starting on an Imco and 7.5 in light winds I was doing fine. Then the wind picked up and combined with massive spring tides dragging everyone upwind, I just could not make the board go downwind! I changed down to a techno, managed another course race very over powered, then changed down to 6.5 for the slalom. Much more fun, but typically wind died off as I had changed down.
Saturday night we had an epic boat party with 'sea' theme, so Southampton uni all went as Navy sailors. We continued the party in a hangar afterwards with DJ Crowdy and Yates with a drum and base set...
Sunday morning everyone was hungover and it was raining so it took alot of effort to put a wetsuit on and do the team racing. It was great fun though as it was pretty windy but pretty cold being northerly.
Finally prize giving at the end and I won overall as female champion (this was a culmination of the year's racing, freestyle and wave, so I was pretty chuffed), and I also won the girls racing for BUCS too! I now have a nice mast for sale to cover the cost of my 3.4 sail for Pozo.
Amazing weekend and absolutely shattered afterwards!
The freestyle is above. More photos of racing and party to come when I can get hold of them!

Also a link to the boards article below:
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